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Dr. Keith was extremely professional and articulate with my care. He took the time to assist my body and it’s needs, to help it heal. After only two visits I felt completely different. I no longer had hip and lower back pain. 🙌🙌


I Have been in the plumbing industry beating up my body for over 40years. The low force adjustments I have been getting, have improved greatly my sleep comfort, my sitting and walking comfort. I still have a ways to go but am finally seeing and feeling results where medical doctors just weren't helping. I am almost always pain free now and becoming active again at 60.


Limitless has helped me work through back issues I thought I would just have to live with now I feel better and I can move better than I could before. Through work I had tweaked and strained my back to the point that I had to hobble around without medicine, I have tried other chiropractors and they helped for a few days but the issues came back shortly after, the best thing I've experienced from Limitless is the adjustments stick and actually take care of the issue without it coming back with a vengeance! I cannot stress enough how much this has helped improve my daily life, If you want improvement in your life I highly recommend scheduling a visit.

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